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ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2024 released on January 9, 2024 - This new version includes security updates that addresses any known vulnerabilities and provide an additional layer of defense against potential attack. It has improved performance, and adds many new features and functionality. For a complete list, see: ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2024 Release Notes


ActiveXperts Network Monitor monitors your network for failures and irregularities. Monitor all aspects of your cloud, infrastructure, virtualization platforms, servers, workstations, devices, applications, databases, environment and more.

ActiveXperts alerts system administrators when it discovers (potential) problems through SMS, WhatsApp, Email and SNMP traps.

ActiveXperts Web Access includes a customizable, responsive web interface, designed for mobile devices, tablets and PC's. Create your own views and apply filters to see specific results, check-types or (groups of) servers. Grant access to users to see (a part of) the network.

  • Runs as a Windows background service on a Windows platform, 64-bit and 32-bit
  • Monitors Windows, Linux, (IP) devices, databases, virtualization platforms and more
  • Agentless
  • Offers a suite of Powershell/VBScript/SSH scripts that are designed to be easily customizable
  • Offers a limited number of checks for free


Manager Application

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Configure Checks

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Use Tablet

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Use Smart Phone

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Built-in Checks

AVTech Hardware

ActiveXperts offers a software license and AVTech devices/sensors for a single price. AVTech devices/sensors can also be purchased without the software.
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All ActiveXperts licenses are are perpetual, which means that a license is paid only once and does not need to be renewed annually. It allows you to use the software for as long you continue to comply with the terms of the license agreement.
First year of Maintenance is included in purchase of a license. Maintenance entitles customers to use ActiveXperts's technical support services, and to receive all product upgrades, free of charge, during a specified Agreement duration.


Article License (Perpetual) EURO USD
AX007-0015 ActiveXperts Network Monitor 15 Checks FREE FREE
AX007-0150 ActiveXperts Network Monitor 150 Checks € 475.00 $ 549.00
AX007-0500 ActiveXperts Network Monitor 500 Checks € 649.00 $ 749.00
AX007-ULTD ActiveXperts Network Monitor Unlimited Checks € 1150.00 $ 1295.00
AX007-ULSP ActiveXperts Network Monitor Service Provider License € 3150.00 $ 3465.00
NOTE: All licenses are perpetual (licenses will NEVER expire). Pricing includes ONE YEAR maintenance for free. Maintenance covers unlimited support and right to upgrade to a newer version - if any. A maintenance renewal is offered automatically after one year.
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