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Monitor Power Usage | ActiveXperts Network Monitor and AVTech Room Alert

AVTech Room Alert devices

The AVTech Room Alert devices are designed to monitor room temperature, humidity, air flow, main power, active power, room entry, motion, smoke, flood and much more in multiple locations simultaneously.The flagship 'AVTech Room Alert 32S' has 8 digital (value) ports and 16 switch (open/closed) ports.

Use ActiveXperts Network Monitor to configure and monitor AVTech Devices and Sensors and send out alerts. ActiveXperts stores data in MySQL or MS SQL Server, and provide powerful tools to generate reports and graphs based on the statistical data, on a mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Click here for more information about AVTech Room Alert devices, it sensors and compatibility with ActiveXperts Network Monitor.

Power Check - ActiveXperts Network Monitor

Power Check

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The ActiveXperts Power Check requires the following parameters:

  • IP / Hostname - The host name or IP address of the network interface of the AVTech device; use a port prefix to specify another port that the default port (port 80)
  • Device Model - The AVTech device model (e.g.: 'AVTech Room Alert 32S', 'AVTech Room Alert 12S', 'AVTech Room Alert 3S')
  • Sensor - The preferred sensor. The sensor needs to be connected to the device; this can be either the external digital port (RJ11), or the external switch port (2 coper cables);
  • Sensor Units - The metric units;
  • Minimum - Minimum required value;
  • Maximum - Maximum allowed value.