ActiveXperts Serial Port Component

Adding serial communications requires specialized knowledge that might be outside an individual programmer's expertise. For years, developers have relied upon the power and reliability of the ActiveXperts Serial Port Component serial communications control.

How to use
How to use the Component
Visual Studio .NET project
Visual Studio.NET project
Console Applicationt
Console Application
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Use ActiveXperts Serial Port Component for different purposes:

ActiveXperts Serial Port Component features the following:

ActiveXperts Serial Port Component includes samples for many development tools, including:

Visual Basic .NET - Visual C# .NET - ASP .NET VB - ASP .NET CSharp - Visual C++ - Visual Basic 6 - ASP 2.x - PHP - HTML - VBScript - PowerShell - Delphi

Code Snippets

This code snippet illustrates how to use ActiveXperts Network Component. It sends out an SMS messaging using a GSM modem with SIM card inserted. For full samples, go to

Set objComport = CreateObject("AxSerial.Comport") ' Create a new Comport instance

objComport.Device              = "COM1"           ' Use a COM port directly  
objComport.BaudRate            = 56000            ' Set baudrate (default value: 9600)
objComport.HardwareFlowControl = True             ' Set Hardware Flow Control
objComport.SoftwareFlowControl = False            ' Set Software Flow Control
objComport.Open                                   ' Open the port
Wscript.Echo "Open, result: " & objComport.LastError
If( objComport.LastError <> 0 ) Then
End If

objComport.WriteString( "at&f" )                  ' Write command
str = objComport.ReadString
WScript.Echo "Received: [" & str & "]"            ' Read the response

objComport.Close                                  ' Close the port

Supported Operating Systems

ActiveXperts Serial Port Component is offered as a 32-bit (AxSerial32.dll) and 64-bit (AxSerial64.dll) ActiveX component, and runs on the following Operating Systems:


The core of ActiveXperts Serial Port Component is a ActiveX/COM DLL component is available as a 64-bit DLL and a 32-bit DLL.

Distribution is easy: copy the DLL(s) to the target platform and register the self-registering DLL using the REGSVR32.EXE Windows command. Click here for more information.


There are three different licenses for the ActiveXperts Serial Port Component: Standard License, Professional License and Distribution License:

Click here for detailed information about the License Schemes.

More information

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