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Monitoring processes on Windows using ActiveXperts

ActiveXperts solution to monitor Processes

ActiveXperts Network Monitor allows users to check processes on local- and remote computers; if a process is active, a computer is considered available. Additionally, memory usage of a process can be checked, to detect memory leaks.

A Process check requires the following parameters:

  • Computer - The host name or the IP address of the computer you want to monitor;
  • Process - The module name of the process, including the extension. For instance: alerter.exe, or explorer.exe;
  • Check memory of this process - Enable/disable memory checking of the particular process. Enter the maximum amount of memory (in MB) that a process may consume;
  • No process on this computer should consume more than - Checks for any process using more than the specified amount of memory;
  • Credentials - Select alternate Windows credentials if necessary.
ActiveXperts Network Monitor Process check

ActiveXperts Network Monitor Process check