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Monitor Users and Groups | ActiveXperts Network Monitor

ActiveXperts solution to monitor Active Directory Group Membership

ActiveXperts Network Monitor monitors groups and group membership. In case of unexpected members in certain groups (for instance: unexpected Domain Admins members), it'll notify the network administrators.

ActiveXperts Network Monitor checks different kinds of Directory Services. Novell NDS is one of them. You can configure ActiveXperts Network Monitor to check user accounts (locked out, disabled, etc.), groups, group membership, organizational units, and so on.

A Active Directory User/Group check requires the following parameters:

  • Domain - The Active Directory domain. In case you want to monitor a stand-alone server (i.e. a server not member of a domain), you can enter the computer name;
  • Group - The group name to the Active Directory group you want to check, like: Domain Admins;
  • Users - Specify the names of the users that are allowed in the specified group. If the groups appears to have members who are not entered in this 'Users' field, the check will fail.