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Process SNMP Traps in Windows using ActiveXperts

ActiveXperts solution to handle incoming SNMP Traps

The SNMP Trap Receive check listens for real-time network traps for processing. An SNMP Trap Receive check works different than other checks in Network Monitor: the SNMP Trap Receive check is event-driven. The check is not executed at timed intervals, but is triggered as soon as a new trap is received. As a result, you cannot specify a time interval for SNMP Trap Receive checks.

An SNMP Trap Receive check requires the following parameters:

  • Accept from Host - Hostname or IP address of the server/device to monitor;
  • SNMP Community - Community name used for SNMP trap exchange;
  • Accept OID - The Object ID to receive. This can be a numeric OID or a symbolic OID. Type '*' to check for any OID;
  • Select a symbolic OID from a MIB file - Use this button to select an alpha-numeric OID from a MIB file. You can use virtually any 3rd-party MIB file;
  • Receive OID Data Type - The expected OID Data type. The following type are valid data types: Bit Stream, Counter, Integer, IP address, Object Identifier, Opaque String, String, Time Ticks and Unsigned Integer;
  • Match OID Value - To check the OID data for specific value(s), enable this check box and configure the conditions in the same way and for the 'SNMP GET' check.
ActiveXperts Network Monitor SNNP TRAP check

ActiveXperts Network Monitor SNNP TRAP check