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Monitor Serial Port Device | ActiveXperts Network Monitor

ActiveXperts solution to monitor a Serial Device

ActiveXperts Network Monitor allows you to query a serial device (e.g. a modem, a weight indicator, etc.) and analyze the response. The device must have a serial port interface, for instance an RS-232 interface. USB devices are also supported, but only if the device ships with a driver to emulate a serial port.

A Serial Device check requires the following parameters:

  • Device - Device driver to use. You can either use a Windows telephony device (recommended) or a physical COM port (directly).Monitor Probe - Monitor different locations, referred to as 'Probe';
  • Flow Control - Select the type of flow control to use. The following values are valid: Default, None, Hardware, Hardware+Software. You can only select 'Flow Control' if 'Device' is set to a direct port (i.e. not a TAPI device);
  • Baudrate - Select the baudrate (port speed). You can only select 'Baudrate' if 'Device' is set to a direct port (i.e. not a TAPI device);
  • Send command when connected - As soon as connection is established, send a command;
  • Response must include string - When connected, optionally send a command. Then wait for a response;
  • Timeout - Number of milliseconds before the check will timeout. Usually, a connection to the server will be established within 1 second. However, some slow/busy servers need more time;
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