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ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor

NOTE: ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor 2022 was released on December 1, 2021  (release notes)

ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor is a Windows based software solution.
It offers seamless integration with popular environmental devices available today, including AVTech and Kentix

  • Runs as a Windows service, on a Windows 2022/2019/2016/2012(R2)/2008(R2)/11/10/8/7 platform
  • Available as 64-bit and 32-bit
  • Monitor temperature, humidity, power, motion, airflow, CO2, CO, smoke and many more
  • Alerting Notification via e-mail, SMS, SNMP Trap or custom script
  • Display multiple devices and multiple sensors in one browser view, on a PC/laptop/tablet/phone
  • Ability to plot graphs of all historical measured data. Data is stored in an MS SQL Server or MySQL database.


Manager Application

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Configure Checks

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Use Tablet

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Use Smart Phone

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Live Demo

ActiveXperts hosts a live demo on on of its lab servers. It is an ActiveXperts Environmental Server installation with Web Access enabled. It has checks configured to monitor a mixture of AVTech, Kentix and Sensatronics devices and sensors.
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Hardware Bundles

ActiveXperts offers hardware bundles for AVTech devices: an ActiveXperts software license is offered with an AVTech device and sensor(s) for a single price.
ActiveXperts Hardware Bundles »

Built-in Checks

  • Temperature - Monitor real-time temperatures.
  • Humidity - Monitor relative humidity (percentage).
  • Dewpoint - Monitor the formation of condensation.
  • HeatIndex - Monitor the temperature it feels like to the human body (combining temperature and relative humidity).
  • Power - Real-time recognition of a power source going off or coming on.
  • Voltage - Monitor difference in electric potential between two points.
  • Switch - Monitor a switch state (open or close).
  • PowerState - Monitor the power state.
  • Light - Monitor the light intensity (Lux).
  • Motion - Monitor motion using infrared.
  • Smoke - Monitor fire by the detection of smoke.
  • Door - Monitor door (open or close).
  • Resistance - Monitor the resistance in an electrical circuit.
  • Wetness - Monitor water leaks using a flood sensor.
  • Vibration - Monitor vibration.
  • CarbonOxide - Monitor CO (Carbon Oxide).
  • CarbonDioxide - Monitor CO2 (Carbon Dioxide).


All ActiveXperts licenses are are perpetual, which means that a license is paid only once and does not need to be renewed annually. It allows you to use the software for as long you continue to comply with the terms of the license agreement.
First year of Maintenance is included in purchase of a license. Maintenance entitles customers to use ActiveXperts's technical support services, and to receive all product upgrades, free of charge, during a specified Agreement duration.


Article License (Perpetual) EURO USD
AX006-0005 ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor 5 Sensors € 320.00 $ 370.00
AX006-0050 ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor 50 Sensors € 685.00 $ 750.00
AX006-ULTD ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor Unlimited Sensors € 1320.00 $ 1450.00
NOTE: All licenses are perpetual (licenses will NEVER expire). Pricing includes ONE YEAR maintenance for free. Maintenance covers unlimited support and right to upgrade to a newer version - if any. A maintenance renewal is offered automatically after one year.
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