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ActiveXperts MSN Object

The Msn object is an instant messaging client object. It allows you to connect to Microsoft's Live Messenger Service and send a basic message to one or more MSN recipients. It provides basic chat features only, i.e. a subset of the features provided by Windows Live Messenger (formerly known as MSN Messenger) which is available for most Windows operating systems. The Msn object doesn't provide enhanced features like emoticons and file transfers.

The features provided by the Network Component Msn object:

The Network Component Ntp object enables you to add Ntp functionality to your program.

The Ntp object is part of the Network Component. Overview of all Network Component objects:

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MSN Sample code

VBScript sample: Retrieve date and time settings from an NTP server on the internet

Option Explicit

Dim objMsn

Set objMsn = CreateObject ( "AxNetwork.Msn" )

' Set Logfile (optional)
objMsn.LogFile      = "C:\MSNLog.txt"

' Set MSN Account Name
objMsn.MsnAccount   = ReadInput ( "Enter your MSN account name:", "", False )

' Set MSN Display Name
objMsn.MsnDisplayName = ReadInput ( "Enter your MSN display name:", "", False )

' Set MSN Password
objMsn.MsnPassword  = ReadInput ( "Enter your MSN account password:", "", False )

' Set MSN Message
  objMsn.Message    = ReadInput ( "Enter a message:", "Hello World !!!!", False )

' Set Recipient
objMsn.AddRecipient ReadInput ( "Enter a recipient:", "", False )

' Send the message

WScript.Echo "Result : " & objMsn.LastError
WScript.Echo "Ready."

Function ReadInput( ByVal strTitle, ByVal strDefault, ByVal bAllowEmpty )
   Dim strInput, strReturn
      strInput = inputbox( strTitle, "Enter value", strDefault )
      If ( strInput <> "" ) Then
         strReturn = strInput
      End If
   Loop until strReturn <> "" Or bAllowEmpty 
   ReadInput = strReturn
End Function

On, you can find a lot of Network Component samples. These samples are also part of the Network Component installation.