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ActiveXperts Network Component Objects

The following objects are included in ActiveXperts Network Component:

  • DnsServer object - Query servers running a domain name service (DNS). Query DNS for specific information about hosts. Learn more »
  • Ftp object - Log on to an FTP, change the working directory and get/put files. Learn more »
  • Http object - Log on to a web server, get the web pages and analyze the contents. Retrieve web headers. Use HTTP-Post. Support for Proxy servers, SSL and password protected web sites. Learn more »
  • Icmp object - See if you can reach another computer; Determine how long it takes to bounce a packet off of another site, which tells you its distance in network terms. Learn more »
  • IPtoCountry object - The IPtoCountry object translates IP address to countries. Use it for web server log analysis, marketing purposes etc. Learn more »
  • Msn object - Connect to Microsoft's Live Messenger Service and send a basic message to one or more MSN recipients. Learn more »
  • Ntp object - Query NTP time servers and retrieve the actual date and time. Calculate offset between servers to see if your LAN time is set properly. Learn more »
  • Radius object - RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) is a networking protocol that provides centralized authentication and authorization management for computers to connect and use a network service. Learn more »
  • Rsh object - Run a Shell Script on a remote UNIX or LINUX computer that runs the RSH (Remote Shell Script) daemon. Read StdErr and StdOut of the remote shell script. Learn more »
  • Scp object - Securely transfer files between two computers using the SSH (Secure SHell) protocol. Learn more »
  • SFtp object - Allows secure network file transfer over an insecure network, such as the Internet. Learn more »
  • SnmpManager object - Use the following SNMP operations: Get, GetNext, Set and Trap; support for SNMP v1 and SNMP v2c. Learn more »
  • SnmpTrapManager object - Send and receive SNMP traps to (remote) SNMP agents. Support for SNMP v1 and SNMP v2c. Learn more »
  • SnmpMibBrowser object - Load a MIB database into memory and iterate over all objects and view all properties. Learn more »
  • Ssh object - Run a command or shell script on a remote UNIX or LINUX computer in a secure way using SSH. Use a private key file to logon. Read StdErr and StdOut of the remote shell script. Learn more »
  • Tcp object - Create your TCP-based client/server applications; your server-application listens for an incoming connection on a specific port, while your client application makes a connection to it; Client and server can communication bidirectional, with support for ASCII and binary data, in your LAN or through the internet; Automate Telnet sessions. Use the Telnet object to logon to a switch or router and make changes to the configuration. Log on to a mail server and list all items. Access a print server through telnet and reboot it. There are many devices and services that can be accessed by this Telnet object. Learn more »
  • Tftp object - Get/put files from/to a remote TFTP host. Learn more »
  • TraceRoute object - Tracks the route packets taken from an IP network on their way to a given host. Learn more »
  • Udp object - Create your UDP-based client/server applications; create UDP-based broadcast application. Learn more »
  • VMware object - Get performance data from a VMware host and its virtual machines. Learn more »
  • Wake-On-LAN object - Wake up (power-up) machines on your LAN, based on their MAC address. Learn more »
  • Xen (Citrix) object - Get performance data from a Citrix Xen host and its virtual machines. Learn more »