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Import AutoCAD DXF formatted map into a Nautical chart

With Eye4Software Hydromagic, you can import an AutoCAD DXF background map into a nautical chart. Amongst the other supported backround map types are: MicroStation DGN and GeoTIFF.


AutoCAD is a software design application for two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD (computer-aided design) drafting. AutoCAD was developed by a company named Autodesk, also known for Sketchbook, Homestyler, and Pixlr. AutoCAD has been there since 1982 as a workstation application. In 2010, a web- and cloud-based became available under the name 'AutoCAD 360'.

AutoCAD DXF is the extension for the AutoCAD graphic image file format. DXF means: Drawing eXchange Format. Although DXF was developed to store data used in a CAD program, it is used by many programs over the years, as a "least common denominator" format for the exchange of many different types of data. Since the introduction (in 1982, when Autodesk started), there have been numerous changes to the DXF format.
It is a complex format; it can contain many different types of data. It holds commonly vector-oriented information, but also text and 3D polygons. It can also express common drafting concepts such as associative dimensions. The most common format of DXF is 7-bit text, but there are also two related binary formats.