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Q7820110: I want to publish the Network Monitor web interface through IIS. However, I get a message that the IIS Metabase objects are not installed. I don't want to change the configuration of the IIS server, how can I install the virtual directory manually?

To publish the ActiveXperts Network Monitor web interface through an IIS Virtual Directory, you can use the ActiveXperts Web Interface Configurator program, or configure the virtual directory manually.

To configure the virtual directory manually:

  • Click 'Start', click 'Administrative Tools' and then 'Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager'
  • Point to 'Default Web Site', right-click on it, click on 'New' and click 'Virtual Directory...'
  • In the 'Welcome' page, click 'Next'
  • In the 'Virtual Directory Alias' page, enter 'networkmonitor' and click 'Next'
  • In the 'Web Site Content Directory' page, enter: C:\Program Files\ActiveXperts\Network Monitor\Web
  • In the 'Virtual Directory Access Permissions' page, select 'Read' permissions
  • Press 'Next' until finished

You can now use http://<iisservername>/networkmonitor/

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