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Q7810020: Web Access is working well, except for the Graphs. When I click in a Check's Graph in my browser, no Graph is displayed. But Graphs are working fine from the Manager application on my PC. Whats' wrong?

The web based graph module uses classic ASP to generate the data to your browser. Most likely, you're using a trusted connection to your MS SQL Server database, but IIS/ASP does not have permissions on the database.

So, please check the connection string. You can configure it from the ActiveXperts Reports&Graphs Configration Tool from the 'Tools' menu in the Manager. If it is a string like:
Driver={SQL Server};Server=SQLSERVER01;Trusted_Connection=yes;Database=ActiveXpertsNM
you should either use SQL authentication instead of trusted Windows authentication and use a string like:
Driver={SQL Server};Server=SQLSERVER01;Uid=sa;Pwd=**************;Database=ActiveXpertsNM
or else, keep on using trusted Windows authentication and make sure that the IIS built-in IUSR account has permissions on the SQL Server database.

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