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Q7780018: When running a new report or graph, I get Error 20016: "Check ID(s) do not exist in the "Checks" table in the Statistical Database."

This problem sometimes occurred in v.2015 build 830.50628 or older. If you're not that build level, please download the product from the ActiveXperts web site and re-install, as described in Q6500005.

Reason for this problem is the fact that some (new) CheckTypes records are missing in the MS SQL or MySQL statistical database. Or else the CheckTypes table misses the 'GraphEnabled' BIT field, which can be altered manually from MS SQL Management Studio.

If the problem persists, please create directory 'C:\Axdebug\', reproduce the problem and send the C:\AxDebug\ActiveXperts.log' log file to the ActiveXperts support staff. They will further assist.

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