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Q7780015: I want to schedule my reports so that reports are generated automatically, once every week and every month. Is this possible?

Yes that is possible. You must use the command-line utility 'AxRgCmd.exe' (or 'AxRgCmd32.exe' for 32-bits) to create reports without user intervention. You can use this 'AxRgCmd.exe' (or 'AxRgCmd32.exe') from the Windows Task Scheduler to create reports automatically and send the reports to a group of e-mail recipients.

The 'AxRgCmd.exe' (or 'AxRgCmd32.exe') utility requires a few parameters. There are a few batch jobs (.cmd) included with the product. Each batch jobs use the 'AxRgCmd.exe' (or 'AxRgCmd32.exe') with the required parameters and can be used directly in the Windows Task Scheduler. The batch jobs are located in the '<Program Data Folder>\Report Definitions\Batchjobs\' directory and perfectly demonstrate how to schedule a report.

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