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Q7740220: On generating a Graph, we get error 20005: "Unable to open database connection". How can we fix this error?

There can be various reasons for this. ActiveXperts provides tools to troubleshoot such problems.

First of all, check the status of the connection in the Reports&Graphs Configration Tool:

  • In the Manager, open the 'Tools->Reports&Graphs' from the menu bar and launch the 'Reports&Graphs Configuration' tool
  • Check out the status line at the bottom of the 'Statistical Database' tab; it displays a detailed error - if any. In case of an error, you'll be able to adjust your settings in this tab.

If the above does not solve the problem, please do the following:

  • Open the Registry Editor (command line: REGEDIT.EXE)
  • Assign a valid filename to:
      HKLM\Software\ActiveXperts\Network Monitor\Graphs\GraphsTraceFile
  • Reproduce the problem
  • E-mail the log file to
  • Do not forget to reset the above registry value
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