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Q7740210: My Activity View frequently shows the following messages: "SYSTEM ERROR: Query failed: [INSERT INTO GraphData( TimeSecs ) VALUES( 0 )]; Modify failed, error 0x80040E14 error #3092: One or more errors during processing of command." and also "SYSTEM ERROR: Query failed: [SELECT * FROM ReportData WHERE ID=x]; Open failed, error 0x80030070, The is insufficient disk space to complete operation."

The reason for this problem is, that the maximum size of the statistics database file has exceeded. Although the maximum size for SQL Compact .SDF files is 4GB, the database driver uses a default maximum of 256MB. This 256MB limit can be increased by specifying a limit in the connnection string in ActiveXperts Network Monitor.

The following patch script sets the limit to 4GB. Simple run the script on the machine that has the Network Monitor engine installed:

You MUST restart the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service after the patch has been applied.

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