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Q7740100: Is it recommended to migrate the Statistical Database to Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL?

ActiveXperts uses an MS Server Compact Database (.sdf) by default:
C:\ProgramData\ActiveXperts\Network Monitor\Stats\Stats.sdf

There are four modules that make use of the statistical database:

  • Full Report module
  • Instant Report module (accessible from the Manager's context menu)
  • Instant Graph Form module (accessible from the Manager's context menu)
  • Instant Graph Browser module (accessible from the Manager's context menu)

All of the above modules use complex SQL queries to retrieve the information from the database. It is strongly recommended to migrate the MS SQL Compact (.sdf) statistical database to MS SQL Server (or MS SQL Server Express Edition) or MySQL, using the database migration wizards included with ActiveXperts. This is because Network Monitor uses complex queries to generate reports and graphs. With SQL Server Compact and even a small configuration (less than 100 checks), generating reports and graphs can take minutes already after a few weeks, whereas with MS SQL it will take only a few seconds or even less.

There's also a limit on the number of records that can be stored in the MS SQL Compact (.sdf) database. See FAQ #7740170 and FAQ #7740174.

To migrate the MS SQl Compact Stats.sdf database file to MS SQL Server or MySQL:

  • Launch the 'Reports and Graphs Configuration Tool' from the 'Tools->Reports & Graphs' menu
  • Press the 'Migrate Database button' and you will be guided in the migrate process
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