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Q7720030: In the Activity View, I see the following warning every now and then: "Too many outstanding log request. Reconfigure or disable logging". What does this mean?

This means the the Network Monitor service cannot write the log requests to the log database, or database writes are too slow and log requests are congested. Please check the Logging settings:

  • In the Manager, select 'Options' from the 'Tools' menu
  • Select the 'Logging' tab and choose 'Change Database Manually'
  • Press the 'Test Configuration' button. Database access will be checked and an error will be reported in case there's no database connectivity

There are two ways to clear all Log requests:

  • Delete all LOGA*.REQ files in the above folder
  • OR disable Logging (Tools->Options: Disable Logging) and restart the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service; it will clear all Log requests

The maximum queue length is defined by the following registry value:
HKLM\Software\ActiveXperts\Network Monitor\Server\Queue\MaxPendingLogRequests
You can change the value using the registry editor (REGEDIT.EXE). You need to restart the service for the changes to take effect.

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