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Q7720015: I enabled logging to an MS SQL Compact Edition database. The Manager successfully verified the connection, but there's nothing written to the database. How can I find out what's going wrong?

The ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service provides tracing for various tasks, including logging. To enable tracing for ADO logging, you must do the following:

  • Start the registry editor (i.e. REGEDIT.EXE or REGEDT32.EXE)
  • Open the HKLM\Software\ActiveXperts\Network Monitor\Trace key
  • Enter a valid filename for the 'ThreadMQLogging' entry
  • Restart the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service

The Trace file will tell you exactly what's going wrong. Don't forget to reset the entry to the emtpy string after you have finished troubleshooting.

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