Q7250010: For one of my Windows servers, I get the error: "Unable to connect to [myserver]; WMI Error 0x800706BA: The RPC server is unavailable"

Make sure you have not disabled the Windows Firewall. If Windows Firewall is turned on, Network Monitor cannot query the machine from another server in the network.

Make sure the DCom is enabled on the monitoring server. To do so:

Make sure that UAC (User Account Control) is not causing you problems. UAC is enabled by default. Try to switch it off and see if the problem still persists.To disable UAC:

If you have created a local Administrator account on a monitored Windows 2016/2012/2008 server, and you use this account as alternate credentials without turning off UAC, it will definitely not work! Only the built-in local Administrator has sufficient rights. If you want to make use of another local Administrator, make sure UAC is turned off.

Last but not least, check WMI without ActiveXperts by running the Windows built-in WMIC utility from the command-line (replace myserver with the hostname of your server):
WMIC /node:remote-computer PATH Win32_Processor WHERE DeviceID='CPU0' GET LoadPercentage
To use alternate credentials, execute (replace myserver, account and password ):
WMIC /node:remote-computer /user:user /password:password PATH Win32_Processor WHERE DeviceID='CPU0' GET LoadPercentage

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