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Q7150010: I have a UNIX machine, but when monitoring through your RSH function, I get a message "Unable to connect to remote computer". What's up?

Most probably, RSH is not configured properly on the remote UNIX machine. Be sure to setup your .rhosts file correctly on your UNIX server.

The .rhosts file typically permits network access on UNIX/LINUX systems. The .rhosts file lists computer names and associated logon names that have access to remote computers. When you run rcp, rexec, or rsh commands remotely with a proper .rhosts file, you do not need to provide logon and password information for the remote computer. The .rhosts file is a text file in which each line is an entry. An entry consists of the local computer name, the local user name, and any comments about the entry. Each entry is separated by a tab or space, and comments begin with a pound sign (#). For example:

host7 #This computer is in room 31A

The .rhosts file must be in the user's home directory on the remote computer. For more information about the specific implementation of the .rhosts file on a remote computer, see the remote system documentation.

When troubleshooiting RSH, try the Windows built-in RSH client command utility to test if the RSH configuration is working fine.

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