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Q6830040: After the upgrade to the latest ActiveXperts Network Monitor version, all Sensatronics checks fail.

After the upgrade ActiveXperts Network Monitor to the latest version, some Sensatronics devices cannot be monitored, reporting "Unable to connect; no response received from remote server", even though the device can be pinged.

The reason for this problem is the fact that ActiveXperts uses the WinHTTP library of the Operating System. In v.7 and older, ActiveXperts used a separate WinHTTP5 library (not part of the OS). The WinHTTP library of a recent operating systems do NOT support HTTP0.9 anymore. And some Sensatronics models with older firmware have a HTTP0.9 web server inside.

To fix the problem, perform the following steps:

  • Open the Registry Editor (REGEDIT.EXE)
  • Open HKLM\Software\ActiveXperts\Network Monitor\Sensatronics\ and set Http09CompatibilityFlag to 1
  • Quit the the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Manager application
  • Restart the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service

NOTE: If the registry entry 'Http09CompatibilityFlag' is NOT there, start the Manager application in Administrator modus ('Run As Administrator') and create a new EM1 check once more. Make sure you query the device in the configuration window. Now, the 'Http09CompatibilityFlag' should be there.

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