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Q6800017: When trying to monitor disk space on a remote workstation, I get the following error: "Result is: Uncertain" with Last Response saying: "Unable to retrieve space for disk [\\Wks001\C$]". What is the problem?

This problem only applies to v.2016 or older. Later versions have the Drive/Disk Space Check based on WMI.
There can be a few reasons. Most probably, the problem is not related to ActiveXperts Network Monitor at all. A few reasons for not being able to monitor the disk:

  • Administrative shares (e.g. \\server\c$) are disabled. Please check on the monitored server first to access that share (for instance by typing \\server\c$ in the Explorer's address bar);
  • The administrative shares have different names than default (default: c$, d$, etc.)
  • Firewall is enabled. If the Windows firewall is enabled on the monitored computer, you cannot access the share from a remote location;
  • Credentials are not sufficient. ActiveXperts Network Monitor uses the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service credentials to monitor the share. Check the service account. Also, try to access the share from the monitored machine using the Windows Explorer, but make sure that you have logged on interactively on the monitoring machine with the same credentails as useed for the service.
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