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Q6650011: Can I use the Configration API in VB.NET?

Yes you can. To do so, please use the following steps:

  • Launch Microsoft Visual Studio;
  • Open your CSharp.NET project, or create a new one;
  • Add a ActiveXperts API reference to your project: choose 'Add Reference‚Ķ' in your Solution Explorerer, select the 'COM' tab and select 'ActiveXperts Network Monitor API'. It will add the 'Interop.AXNMCFGLib' interop to your Project References;
  • In your code, add the following 'Using' statement:
    Imports AXNMCFGLib
  • Declare and create a new Network Monitor Config object like this:
    Dim objNMConfig As NMConfig = New NMConfig()

Imports AXNMCFGLib

Module Module1

  Sub Main()

  Dim objNMConfig As NMConfig = New NMConfig()
  Console.WriteLine("ActiveXperts Network Monitor API: {0}" & vbCrLf & "Build: {1}" & vbCrLf & "Module: {2}", 
                     objNMConfig.Version, objNMConfig.Module, objNMConfig.Build)
End Sub

End Module
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