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Q7580010: One of the key features we are looking for in a Network Monitor package is the ability to configure notification to be made in different ways based on the situation (i.e. if the server crashes on Tuesday at noon, send an email to the admin, however if the server crashes on Saturday at 2 AM, send an e-mail to the admin and page the oncall person). Is this possible with your software?
This will be included in a future release, but is not available yet.
Network Monitor > Alert Notifications - Miscellaneous

Q7580020: Pager/DTMF notifications are missing in the latest version I downloaded. Has paging through DTMF been eliminated?
Paging through dialup/DTMF was available until version 7.1. It later versions, it has been replaced by SMS notifications. However, it is still possible to make use of Paging/DTMF, but only by the use of a custom action script. To define Pager notifications for a specific check, please do the following: Click on the check's properties, and select the 'Actions' tab; Enable 'Run VBScript when Check fails', and select the 'Pager.vbs' script>; Make modifivcations to the script: change the ...
Network Monitor > Alert Notifications - Miscellaneous

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