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Q7500080: I want to change all Alert E-mail Notification settings for multiple Checks. What is the best way to do this?
Use the 'Copy' and 'Paste Properties' commands in the Manager to copy Alert Notification settings of one single Check and paste them onto multiple selected Checks or a selected Folder. This way, you can configure the Alert Notification settings (including Groups and individual Recipients) for multiple checks. If you paste the Check's properties to a selected Folder, all Checks in that Folder will receive the new settings.
Network Monitor > Alert Notifications - E-mail

Q7500082: Is there a way to get a listed overview of the Alert E-mail Recipients of the Checks in my list of Checks in the Manager application?
Yes you can. there are two ways: Right-click on the column-headings in the Manager. A context menu will popup. Select both 'Alert Notifications' and 'Alert E-mail Recipients'; Or choose 'Columns' from the 'View' menu in the Manager, and select both 'Alert Notifications' and 'Alert E-mail Recipients'.
Network Monitor > Alert Notifications - E-mail

Q7500032: We're using a gmail account to send out e-mail notifications over SMTP. I'm sure the Gmail credentials are correct, but we still get Error #37411: "Authorization failed". What's wrong?
You must allow ActiveXperts to access your google account using SMTP authentication. Click here for more information
Network Monitor > Alert Notifications - E-mail

Q7500030: I configured SMTP settings, but it does not work. I configured an Outlook Express SMTP e-mail account on the same machine, and this one does work. What could be the problem?
This is a known issues for users using McAfee VirusScan Enterprise. By default, it would not allow AxsNmSvc.exe (the network monitor service) to send SMTP traffic. Open the VirusScan Console by Right-clicking the VirusScan icon in the system tray, select VirusScan Console, double-click Access Protection, select Prevent mass mailing worms from sending mail, click the edit button, and type AxsNmSvc.exe in the excluded processes field.
Network Monitor > Alert Notifications - E-mail

Q7500012: Does ActiveXperts require IIS to be installed in order to use SMTP mail notifications?
No, ActiveXperts Network Monitor can use any SMTP-compliant server. No Internet Information Server is needed.
Network Monitor > Alert Notifications - E-mail

Q7500015: Is ActiveXperts Network Monitor E-mail notification compliant with any SMTP mail server?
Yes, ActiveXperts is compliant with virtuall any SMTP server. It supports secure and non-secure SMTP servers.
Network Monitor > Alert Notifications - E-mail

Q7500060: If Network Monitor finds an error and sends an e-mail notification, I want the 'Notes' to be included with the e-mail. How can I achieve this?
From the 'Tools' menu, click 'Notification Settings' and select the 'E-mail' tab (selected by default). Click on the 'Format Message' button. You can now modify the standard e-mail message. Insert the 'Notes' variable by clicking on the 'Insert system variable' link and select the 'Notes' variable.
Network Monitor > Alert Notifications - E-mail

Q7500045: When sending a test SMTP e-mail, I get error "550", why?
A mailbox on the SMTP server is required. The mailbox that you are using to send out messages does not exist.
Network Monitor > Alert Notifications - E-mail

Q7500070: I get the following System Warning in my log file: "Too many outstanding e-mail requests. Reconfigure or disable E-mail notifications".
This means that there are more e-mail notification requests than the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service can handle. There can be various reasons for that: The mail server is not functioning The network connection to the mail server is slow Too many notifications as a result of failed checks E-mail notification requests are queued in the following folder by default: C:\ProgramData\ActiveXperts\Network Monitor\Ipc\Queue\Alerts\ Requests are processed in FIFO order. There are two ...
Network Monitor > Alert Notifications - E-mail

Q7500022: We use e-mail notifications to notify our administrators. Sometimes, an e-mail notification fails and is not received. Is there a way to see a trace of the e-mail operations?
You can turn on e-mail logging for the Network Monitor Engine. To do so, you must enter a valid file name in the following registry entry:   HKLM\Software\ActiveXperts\Network Monitor\Server\Trace\NotifyEmail For instance:   c:\notfyemail.log After that, restart the service. After that, all e-mail operations will be written to the log file.
Network Monitor > Alert Notifications - E-mail

Q7500010: We want to purchase ActiveXperts Network Monitor. Do we also need to purchase a license of 'ActiveXperts Email Component' in order to send out e-mail alerts?
No, that's not a required. An ActiveXperts Network Monitor license automatically includes a license for ActiveXperts Email Component to send out e-mail notifications.
Network Monitor > Alert Notifications - E-mail

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