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Q7300110: We get the following error on a few IP protocol related checks: "Cannot bind to one or more ActiveXperts Network Component objects". Any solution for that?
This means that the ActiveXperts AxNetwork.dll failed to register during installation. This happens on a rare occasion, usually caused by an interception of an Internet Security suite. It is easy to solve the problem: Start a command prompt in Admin mode. For instance by right clicking on the Windows Start menu and choose 'Command Prompt (Admin)', or else by choosing 'Run' from the 'Start' menu, type 'CMD.EXE' and press <SHIFT><CTRL><ENTER>. Change working directory (CD) to C:\Prog...
Network Monitor > Monitoring (miscellaneous)

Q7300010: Do I need to restart the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service after I've made changes to the configuration?
No; the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service automatically detects changes to the configuration and reads the new configuration in memory.
Network Monitor > Monitoring (miscellaneous)

Q7300003: IPv6 is supported for all checks>
Yes, IPv6 is supported for all checks. ,/p>
Network Monitor > Monitoring (miscellaneous)

Q7300007: What ports do I need to open in the firewall to enable communication between the ActiveXperts Network Monitor server (the Engine) and the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Manager?
Communication between Network Monitor Manager (the graphical application) and the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service is based on a Windows share. You must allow Windows Sharing through the firewall. Windows Sharing (or more correctly RPC/DCOM) uses TCP ports 135 and 445 as well as dynamically-assigned ports above 1024. The best practice is to use a packet sniffer like the Microsoft Network Monitor or SolarWinds to see which ports are required.
Network Monitor > Monitoring (miscellaneous)

Q7300070: Every Saturday at 10:00 PM, a backup of all servers in our network is made. We want to prevent ActiveXperts Network Monitor from sending out e-mail notifications during the backup hours. How can we accomplish this?
To accomplish this, configure one or more 'Maintenance Schedules' in the 'Maintenance' tab in the 'Options' menu. Select 'day of week' and choose 'Saturday'. Also enter time and duration. All errors during this period won't be considered as a failure.
Network Monitor > Monitoring (miscellaneous)

Q7300100: Are all passwords encrypted in the ActiveXperts Network Monitor configuration?
Yes they are. All credentials (Windows, Linux, Vmware, MS SQL, MySQL, etc.) are stored encrypted in the configuration database.
Network Monitor > Monitoring (miscellaneous)

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