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Q7280030: We monitor our servers to make sure the latest Windows updates are installed. We use the 'Windows Update' check for this purpose. However, we see that only one check is run at a time. And we cannot increase this number. How is this possible?
The ActiveXperts Windows Update check is based on the Microsoft 'Windows Update Agent API'. It has two drawbacks: The library used is non re-entrant, which means that only one instance can run simultaneously The library sometimes hangs - similar to Windows Update from the GUI itself.   For more info, see also FAQ #Q7280010
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Q7280010: What protocol is used to monitor Windows Updates?
To monitor Windows Updates, ActiveXperts uses the Microsoft 'Windows Update Agent API'. The Microsoft 'Windows Update Agent API' is a set of COM (Component Object Model) interfaces that allow developers to programmatically interact with the Windows Update service to manage the installation and configuration of updates on Windows systems. Unfortunately, Windows Updates cannot be checked using WinRM (Windows Remote Management), the protocol recommended by ActiveXperts to check servers over HTTP(s)...
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Q7280020: I can monitor my Windows servers in all aspects except 'Windows Update'. What could possibly be the problem with this?
Most likely, you are monitoring the servers based on WMI/WinRM. WinRM allows you to monitor all aspects of your Windows servers except Windows Update. The Windows Upate check is based on DCOM. Only thing you can consider is to monitor these server(s) based on DCOM. From the Manager's menu, Choose 'Tools->Options' and select the 'Windows Machines' tab. There, you can choose the default way how WMI is used (WinRM and/or DCOM). If you want to make the setting for one server only, define a new entry in ...
Network Monitor > Monitoring Windows Update

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