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Q7240025: I'm getting an error saying that 'Win32_Service' does not exist. Other basic WMI classes like 'Win32_LogicalDisk' do not exist either.
Most probably, your WMI repository needs to be rebuild or repaired. For instructions, see FAQ #Q7240028.
Network Monitor > Monitoring Windows / WMI

Q7240020: I'm using WMI for my Windows checks. Do I retrieve the same data with WinRM as I used to retrieve through DCOM?
Yes, the same WMI data can be retrieved through both WinRM and DCOM. The difference is in the method of accessing the data and the security protocols used. WinRM provides a more secure and flexible way to access WMI data compared to DCOM. The WMI data itself is the same regardless of which protocol is used to access it.
Network Monitor > Monitoring Windows / WMI

Q7240010: What is the difference between WMI/DCOM and WMI/WinRM
WMI/DCOM is the older protocol for accessing WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) data remotely. WMI/WinRM is a newer, more secure protocol that replaced WMI/DCOM. WMI/WinRM uses the WS-Management protocol and uses encrypted, HTTP-based communication. It also supports remote access over the Internet, while WMI/DCOM was limited to local networks.
Network Monitor > Monitoring Windows / WMI

Q7240040: I'm not able to monitor any Win32_PerfRawData counters. However, I'm sure they are installed on the monitored system. I can also see those counters in the Administrative Tools\Performance tools. What should I do?
This problem occurs because Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) uses AutoDiscovery/AutoPurge (ADAP) to build its internal performance counter table. If a particular service on the monitored computer was not started when the WMI ADAP process is started, the performance counters are not transferred to WMI. Please run the following command from the command line on the monitored computer:   wmiadap /f and then restart the wmi-service.
Network Monitor > Monitoring Windows / WMI

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