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Q7200020: When running a custom VBScript script, it gives me an error on WScript.Echo. How can I use WScript.Echo?
WScript.Echo only works for a script that is called by a command line interpreter (i.e. CSCRIPT or WSCRIPT). You should avoid all console-related functions. The online Network Monitor VBScript Guidelines explain how to write VBScript checks for ActiveXperts Network Monitor, and provides information about troubleshooting.
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Q7200010: Is it possible to debug my VBScript based checks?
There's an online ActiveXperts VBScript Guidelines page available here. It tells you how to write new VBScript checks, how to test these scripts and how to use the ActiveXperts VBScript debugger.
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Q7200025: I want to use double-quotes as parameters for my script. How can I do this?
To pass a regular string parameter to your VBScript function, you should use double-quotes , e.g.:   "\\myserver\c$" If you want to have a double-quote as part of the string passed to the function, you should escape the double-quote character by a double-quote, e.g.:   "ActiveXperts Software, ""Innovators in Communications""."
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