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Q7150020: I need technical instructions about how to setup the RSH daemon on LINUX. Do you know any reference?
Click here for instruction about how to setup the RSH daemon on LINUX.
Network Monitor > Monitoring UNIX/LINUX machines

Q7150015: We are running Network Monitor and seem to get a lot of "uncertain, permission denied" on Unix RSH scripts. Could you please point me to the right direction?
Problems regarding RSH are usually due to the configuration of the RSH daemon on the remote server (.rhosts file), so check the RSH configuration on the Unix machine first. Then, isolate the problem by using the standard Windows built-in RSH tool. Let's assume that the remote UNIX machine called PLUTO, you can issue the following command from the command line: RSH PLUTO ls
Network Monitor > Monitoring UNIX/LINUX machines

Q7150010: I have a UNIX machine, but when monitoring through your RSH function, I get a message "Unable to connect to remote computer". What's up?
Most probably, RSH is not configured properly on the remote UNIX machine. Be sure to setup your .rhosts file correctly on your UNIX server. The .rhosts file typically permits network access on UNIX/LINUX systems. The .rhosts file lists computer names and associated logon names that have access to remote computers. When you run rcp, rexec, or rsh commands remotely with a proper .rhosts file, you do not need to provide logon and password information for the remote computer. The .rhosts file is a...
Network Monitor > Monitoring UNIX/LINUX machines

Q7150030: I want to use the built-in RSH command utility to check the results against ActiveXperts Network Monitor, but when I type 'RSH' from the command line, the command seems to be missing. What's wrong?
The RSH client command line utility is part of Windows until Windows 7 and Windows 2008. To use RSH from the command line in Windows 7 (or Windows 2008) and higher, download, extract the files in a new directory, and follow the instructions listed in the extracted README.TXT.
Network Monitor > Monitoring UNIX/LINUX machines

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