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Q6980015: I have a Windows server with printers installed. The printers are IP printers on the network. The server is able to see the status, online/offline/etc. But Network Monitor always reports the printer as down. What could be the problem?
ActiveXperts uses WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) to collect data about (remote) Windows machines. WMI is part of Windows operating systems and installed by default. First check out the following: WMI can use WinRM (preferred), or DCOM (legacy). In ActiveXperts, the WMI operation mode can be set per server. By default, the global WMI operation mode is used; see Tools->Options->{Windows Machines} in the Manager application. Ensure that Windows WMI services are running on the monitoring...
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Q6980030: My printer always shows 'Idle' (value: 3), even though it is online. What is the reason?
ActiveXperts uses WMI (part of the Windows OS) to monitor printers. WMI retrieves the printer information from the spoolsv.exe process. So whether the printer status information retrieved is reliable depends on the printer driver. If the printer driver bypass the the spooler to get status or they do not report the status data exchange to the spooler process, the print provider will report whatever status the spooler contains. If the spooler reports Ready, it never gets data with a status change (d...
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