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Q6900010: When I check a particular web site, Network Monitor is able to connect to the web site, but is not able to match the pattern. I checked with my browser, the pattern is there. What's the reason?
Most probably, this web site contains a redirection to other pages, or it includes frames. ActiveXperts Network Monitor does NOT redirect to a linked page, it only checks the actual page, on purpose. The easiest way to find this out, is by using HTTP Client Diagnostic Utility (Diagnostic Utilities are available from the 'Tools' menu). You will see the contents as it is retrieved by the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service, and you'll be able to find out the reason. Most probably, you shou...
Network Monitor > Monitoring HTTP(s)

Q6900015: I want to monitor multiple HTTP(s), but I want to control which TLS and SSL protocols are allowed: Can this be done?
Yes, you can enable/disable these secure protocols individually for each web site that you check. The following protocols are supported: TLS1.0, TLS1.1, TLS1.2, TLS1.3, SSL2 and SSL3. Be careful with SSL2: some servers deny web requests when the client (like ActiveXperts Network Monitor) allows an SSL2 session. For that reason, SSL2 is disabled by default.
Network Monitor > Monitoring HTTP(s)

Q6900020: Is the HTTP check case sensitive?
It depends: on LINUX and UNIX, the URL's may be case sensitive, so must enter URL's with the right lower/uppercase characters. The HTTP contents check is NOT case sensitive.
Network Monitor > Monitoring HTTP(s)

Q6900050: I am monitoring our web site but I get an error "22407: No response received from remote server". In Google Chrome, I can access the site. What could be the reason?
Most probably, you're running the ActiveXperts on an older Windows platform. ActiveXperts uses the WinHTTP library of the Operating System to monitor web sites. If you run ActiveXperts on Microsoft Windows 2012R2 or older, you will definitely face problems on many sites. So, to run HTTPs checks without problems, run ActiveXperts on Windows 2016 or higher.
Network Monitor > Monitoring HTTP(s)

Q6900040: I want to monitor a web site and match a pattern; the pattern consists of one fixed word "John" followed by either the word "Doe" or "Deere". How can match this pattern?
It is easy by the use of a regular expression. Make sure you enable the 'Use Regular Expressions' checkbox in the check's configuration window, and enter the following pattern:     John (Doe|Deere)
Network Monitor > Monitoring HTTP(s)

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