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Q6890050: When I run an SFtp check, I get an error saying: 'ERROR 22943: Unable to instantiate SFtp provider DLL" . What's wrong?
The Microsoft C and C++ (MSVC) Runtime Libraries are missing on your Windows operating system. These libraries are required by the following ActiveXperts Network Monitor checks: SshScpSFtp The above checks are built by using Microsoft C and C++ tools. Solution Please download the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package from the Microsoft site, and run the setup. Please visit the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable downloads page and download/install the latest supported x64/x86 v...
Network Monitor > Monitoring FTP(s)/SFTP

Q6890020: Is FTPS supported?
Yes, FTPS (FTP over SSL) is supported. ActiveXperts also supports SFTP (SSH File Transfer protocol).
Network Monitor > Monitoring FTP(s)/SFTP

Q6890010: I can't monitor my Linux-based FTP servers, but I can monitor my Windows-based FTP servers. What's wrong?
Most Linux flavors use case-sensitive URL's, and Windows doesn't. Please check if this is the problem.
Network Monitor > Monitoring FTP(s)/SFTP

Q6890030: Is SFTP supported?
Yes, ActiveXperts suppports SFTP (SSH File Transfer protocol). Please note that FTPS (FTP over SSL) is also supported.
Network Monitor > Monitoring FTP(s)/SFTP

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