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Q6850015: I'm using ActiveXperts Network Monitor for monitoring all Event Logs in my network, but I noticed that the software is consuming a lot of bandwidth. What should I do?
Event Log monitoring consumes a lot of network bandwidth, and can really decrease the performance of your network, especially with large Event Logs. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about it. Just try any WMI script by Microsoft that scans event logs over the network and you'll see. In general, do not maintain large event logs, e.g. only log events from the last week, and (important!) import your event log data in some Event Log Archiver program (there are many). Also, do not query event l...
Network Monitor > Monitoring Event Logs

Q6850010: I want to monitor multiple Event Logs in one Event Log check. Is this possible?
In the standard built-in Event Log check, you can only do basic Event Log checking. To do more advanced Event Log monitoring, you should use the EventLog.vbs VBscript or EventLog.ps1 PowerShell script that ships with the product, and customize it to meet your requirements.
Network Monitor > Monitoring Event Logs

Q6850020: Is there a way to include event details in e-mail notifications?
Yes, it is possible. First of all, make use of the EventLog.vbs VBScript check or EventLog.ps1 Powershell check. The scripts Event Logs in the same way as the built-in check. With a small modification the script, you can include event details in your notifications.
Network Monitor > Monitoring Event Logs

Q6850003: When I try to setup a new Event Log check in the Manager for one of our old Windows 2003 servers, I get an error saying: "Unable to retrieve a list of Event Logs from the remote computer. The machine is either not accessible, or the remote computer does not run Windows 2008 or Windows 7 or higher.".
If you have Network Monitor running on Windows 7 workstation or higher, or Windows 2008 workstation or higher, you can monitor any Windows event log, not only the standard Application/System/Security logs, but also the extended .evtx logs. You can query any windows computers except Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003.
Network Monitor > Monitoring Event Logs

Q6850030: I am trying to monitor the Event Log with a VBScript check. However the result is always "uncertain", even when the built-in Event Log monitor shows an error. What is the uncertain state? Is this a permissions problem?
Most probably, it is uncertain because there's an error in the script as a result of a 'null' object. This happens when the remote machine cannot be accessed. Please try to temporarily remove the 'On Error Resume Next' statements in the script. Network Monitor will then show the line where the script error occurs. Most probably, it is due to a WMI security problem. To read more about that, click here.
Network Monitor > Monitoring Event Logs

Q6850002: When I try to setup a new Event Log check in the Manager, I get the error: "Failed to initialize library [axsnmwev.dll]. You can only query event logs on Windows 2008 (or higher) server platforms, or Windows 7 (or higher) workstations."
If you have ActiveXperts Network Monitor running on a Windows 2003 (R2) server, you can monitor ONLY standard Application/System/Security logs on remote computers. The reason for this is the fact that the Windows API on the Windows 2003 operating system does not support extended event logs (.evtx).
Network Monitor > Monitoring Event Logs

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