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Q6830050: I'm using the AVTech Room Alert 32S device. Where can I find the SNMP MIB file?
The MIB file is provided as part of the installation, and can be found at the following location: C:\ProgramData\ActiveXperts\Network Monitor\Mibs\
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Q6830020: Can you provide me with a list of all AVTech devices supported by your software?
For a list of supported Sensatronics models, click here.
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Q6830010: Your web site states that an AVTech Room Alert device is recommended. I already have a device from NTI (Network Technologies) that does exactly the same. Can I use it?
Yes, you can. The NTI device has an SNMP interface, like most environmental monitors. Simply look up the SNMP OID identifiers in the NTI manual, and use the ActiveXperts' SNMP check to monitor temperature, humidity or wetness.
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Q6830060: How to setup a trap based alarm in ActiveXperts?
As the Trap OID is not unique to the sensor, but is used for all sensors, there must be another way to distinguish the sensor. We do this by constructing a regular expression, accepting/not accepting the received SNMP Trap. For example, if you have a Door Sensor and a Motion sensor (both are Switch Sensors) on a Room Alert 32S device with IP, this is what needs to be done: In the AVTech Room Alert device setting...
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Q6830040: After the upgrade to the latest ActiveXperts Network Monitor version, all Sensatronics checks fail.
After the upgrade ActiveXperts Network Monitor to the latest version, some Sensatronics devices cannot be monitored, reporting "Unable to connect; no response received from remote server", even though the device can be pinged. The reason for this problem is the fact that ActiveXperts uses the WinHTTP library of the Operating System. In v.7 and older, ActiveXperts used a separate WinHTTP5 library (not part of the OS). The WinHTTP library of a recent operating systems do NOT support HTTP0.9 anymore. An...
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Q6830025: We use a Sensatronics EM1 device. We do know the default IP address of this device. How can we set it?
To configure the unit: Determine a static IP and net mask that is available on the network; Connect the unit to a PC's serial port, using the supplied RS-232 cable; Start a terminal emulator program, for instance: HyperTerminal; Set the RS-232 port settings to 9600,8,N,1 (no flow control); Press Return to reach the main menu; From the main menu, you will be able to set the IP address.
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Q6830015: We purchased a Sensatronics EM1 device. Our network policy requires to use SNMP. You built-in temperature seems to be based on Sensatronics' web interface. How can I use SNMP to monitor temperature?
The Sensatronics EM1 supports SNMP. SNMP is enabled by default. You just need to enter a new SNMP check in Network Monitor and enter the appropriate SNMP OID's. Check the Sensatronics EM1 manual to get a list of supported OID's.
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Q6830027: Do you have a list of Sensatronics OID's that can be monitored by Network Monitor? We use the EM1 model.
For a list of Sensatronics EM1 OID's, click here.
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