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Q6750035: What databases can be monitored by ActiveXperts?
There's native support for MS SQL and Oracle. Besides that, any ODBC and ADO compliant database is supported. To read more about ADO, click here.
Network Monitor > Monitoring Databases

Q6750010: I'm having problems formatting a database connection string for our MS SQL server, how should this connection string be formatted?
Check out our online Database Monitoring Guidelines to read more about how to setup an MS SQL / ADO database check.
Network Monitor > Monitoring Databases

Q6750030: When monitoring my Oracle database, Network Monitor gives me the following error: 'Failed to load Oracle Client modules'.
To monitor Oracle with ActiveXperts Network Monitor, you need to have installed one of the following Oracle clients: Standard Oracle client; Oracle Instant Client. If you do not want to run Oracle applications on your monitoring server, but only want to check Oracle availability through ActiveXperts, it is recommended to install the Oracle Instant Client. It is a free product, and can be downloaded from the Oracle download area. For more information on monitoring Oracle using ActiveXperts...
Network Monitor > Monitoring Databases

Q6750033: I'm trying to monitor our Oracle database, but I can't figure out what the correct connection string is. Can you please assist?
There's no fixed connection string syntax for Oracle; the format of the connection string depends on the Oracle version, the authentication method and the type of security used. Please check the following web site for more information about Oracle connection strings:
Network Monitor > Monitoring Databases

Q6750025: I can't get my ODBC check to work. What should I do?
First check your System DSN settings, and test them from the Control Panel. Be sure you are using the right DSN with Network Monitor. Or use ADO as an alternative; ADO works similar as ODBC but doesn't require DSN configuration.
Network Monitor > Monitoring Databases

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