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Q6500005: I want to upgrade to the latest version. What is the procedure for upgrading?
ActiveXperts lets you import any configuration created with an earlier version. That means: all checks, global settings, statistical database and custom scripts. On ActiveXperts client workstations (if any): If you have client workstations running 'ActiveXperts Network Monitor Manager' to connect to the remote ActiveXperts monitoring server, uninstall the software using the 'Add/Remove Programs' applet on each client workstation. On the central ActiveXperts monitoring server: ...
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Q6500003: How do I know what's new in the latest version of the ActiveXperts Network Monitor?
For a list of new features, enhancements and fixes, see ActiveXperts Network Monitor Release Notes.
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Q6500006: I want to reinstall the software and use the default Data Folder 'C:\ProgramData\ActiveXperts\Network Monitor\'. However, Setup does not accept this Folder saying the the Folder is already in use. What should I do?
Setup tries to rename the previous Folder to 'C:\ProgramData\ActiveXperts\Network Monitor.saved', in order to allow you to Restore from this Folder after installation. Apparently, the rename fails. There are a few common reasons why the Folder cannot be renamed: One or more files are still open. For instance, a Log File, or a custom Powershell/VBScript File. Make sure to close all Files. The Folder is still open, either in the File Explorer, or else by a Command Prompt. You used ActiveXperts ...
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Q6500017: I want to re-install ActiveXperts Network Monitor. Can I install the product in the same folder on the filesystem as my previous installation?
There are two folder involved: the Program Data folder, default:   C:\ProgramData\ActiveXperts\Network Monitor\ and the Program Files directory folder, default:   C:\Program Files\ActiveXperts\Network Monitor\ On Uninstall, the Program Data folder is preserved, while the Program Files folder is deleted. On Reinstall, if the same Program Data is selected, the installer will rename the previous Program Data folder (adding extension: '.saved') and allow you to continue us...
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Q6500050: The ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service fails to start. How do I know the reason for that?
To see why the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service did not want to start, use the Windows Event Viewer. Check the Application Log located in the 'Windows Log' of the Event Viewer, and search for the 'AxNmSvc' Event Source. One of the most common reasons is, that you have assigned wrong credentials to the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service. Use the Services Control applet to assign the right these credentials. Make sure that this account had (Domain) Administrator rights on the s...
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Q6500020: I want to monitor several servers in my network. Do I need to install agents (or server-side software) on those servers?
ActiveXperts Network Monitor is agentless; no agents will be installed on the monitored servers. You only need to install the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service on 1 central server in your network.
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Q6500055: I want to move our ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service to another server. How to achieve this?
These are the steps to accomplish the migration to a new sever: Export the current configuration to save place. To do so, choose 'Configuration->Backup Configuration' from the 'File' menu in the Manager; On the new server, Restore your configuration in the same way as described in FAQ Item 6500005
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Q6500012: I want to uninstall ActiveXperts Network Monitor manually. What are the steps?
The best way to uninstall ActiveXperts Network Monitor is by using the 'Add/Remove Programs' applet from the Operating System. However, if you want to uninstall manually for some reason, use following steps to uninstall Network Monitor manually: Stop the Network Monitor service by using the Services applet, or by typing NET STOP AXNMSVC from the command prompt; Quit the Manager application; Delete folder C:\Program Files\ActiveXperts\Network Monitor (or alternate directory) and all sub-directories...
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Q6500025: Does the installation of ActiveXperts Network Monitor require a reboot of my server?
No, a reboot is not required.
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Q6500052: I want to change the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine service credentials. How can I do that?
Please do the following: In Windows, open the 'Administrative Tools' folder. Double-click 'Services'. Right-click the 'ActiveXperts Network Monitor' service, and then click 'Properties'. On the 'Log On' tab, select the account and provide the password (if necessary). Click 'Apply'. On the 'General' tab, click the Stop/Start button to restart the service.
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Q6500060: I want to install ActiveXperts Network Monitor on a server that is also used for other purposes. Will it conflict with other software?
No, it won't. ActiveXperts Network Monitor doesn't install/replace any Windows systems DLL's. It makes use of Microsoft runtime libraries, but these are installed in ActiveXpert's installation directory and will only be used by ActiveXperts. ActiveXperts does not install components in the Windows directory or one of its subdirectories.
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Q6500007: When I run the Installer, I get the following error message: "Error installing iKernel.exe (0xa00)". What's wrong?
Most probably, you don't have administrator rights on the machine where you install the product. Local administrator rights are required to install ActiveXperts Network Monitor on the computer.
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Q6500015: I'm unable to upgrade to the latest version. The installation keeps asking me to uninstall the software. Even after I uninstalled the product, it keeps telling me that. What is the problem?
ActiveXperts uses the InstallShield product for its installations. Only on rare occasions, InstallShield does not update its registry key after uninstall, so it will prompt you to uninstall the next time you start the installation. You can use this workaround: Start the registry editor (REGEDIT.EXE); Open the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ key; Delete the 53FD4AF2-59DC-48E0-B345-CF8491D34460 key. Now, InstallShield won't ask to uninstall anymore.
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Q6500035: During installation, ActiveXperts Network Monitor Setup asks for Administrator credentials for its service. Is this required?
If you want to monitor member servers or domain controllers in your Active Directory domain, it's strongly recommended to enter Domain Administrator credentials. For many tasks (like disk space checking, event log monitoring, and so on), Local Administrator rights are required on the monitored computers. By default, Domain/Enterprise Administrators are Local Administrators on domain member servers. If you do not enter a Domain- or Enterprise Administrator account during installation, you must co...
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