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How to distribute an ActiveXperts Component


ActiveXperts Software offers Distribution Licenses for the following products:

  • ActiveXperts Network Component
  • ActiveXperts Serial Port Component

For each product, the core consists of just one file, the actual ActiveX DLL file. This is the only file required for distributing the product. For each product, this DLL is located in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\ActiveXperts folder by default, with the following name:

Product 32bit DLL file 64bit DLL file Default Location
ActiveXperts Network Component AxNetwork64.dll AxNetwork32.dll C:\Program Files\Common Files\ActiveXperts\
ActiveXperts Serial Port Component AxSerial64.dll AxSerial32.dll C:\Program Files\Common Files\ActiveXperts\

How to distribute

To distribute the DLL to one or more PC's as part of your software or solution, you must do the following:

  • Purchase a Distribution License of the product. A valid registration key will be sent to you. You can use this key on all target PC's, inside or outside your network;
  • Copy the DLL to the target PC. This can be done manually, or as part of your software installation/script;
  • Enter the registration key on the target computer. This can be done manually by editting the registry, but can also be done automatically by calling the 'Activate' function (all objects have an 'Activate' method).

    'Activate' requires two parameters:
    - Actual registration key (String);
    - Persistent or not (Boolean).

    If you specify 'False' in the 2nd parameter, the key will be NOT be written to the registry (so it is hidden to the end-user) and as a result, you need to call 'Activate' each time you use the object.
    If you specify 'True' in the 2nd parameter, the key is written to the registry, so you need to call 'Activate' only once.
    For distribution licenses, it is strongly recommended to use Activate with 'False' as second parameter.