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Q3250025: We are using the component within HTML/JavaScript code. The browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer. Each time the ActiveX control is loaded in the browser, a security warning pops up. Do you have any suggestion to surpress this message?

There are basically three ways to avoid prompting:

  1. Add the website that hosts the ActiveX component to the trusted sites of all Internet Explorers. This would need some automatic configuration on your LAN's Internet Explorers, for instance through Group Policy (recommended) or through logon script. This way you only decrease Internet Explorer security for that particular site. Security for all other sites remains the same. This solution only works as long as the Serial Port Component users are part of your network.

  2. You can sign the component (the actual AxSerial32.dll). If you only use the component for internal use (i.e. in your network), you can use the standard Windows Certificate Server (part of Win2000 and higher). For more more information on signing an ActiveX component yourself, see If the component is used outside your network, you should use a public Certificate Authority, for instance Verisign.
    ActiveXperts Software does not offer facilities to sign ActiveX COM/OLE components.

  3. From the Internet Explorer menu, select "Tools" -> "Internet Options"; click the security tab, and click the 'Custom level...' button.
    In the list of options, change the 'Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting' setting from disable to prompt. When you restart Internet explorer and run the page again, Internet Explorer will ask you whether to run the control or not. When asked click 'Yes' and the page should work correctly.
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