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Q3800015: I want to send a sequence of non-displayable data to the comport. How can I do this?
Use the WriteByte function. It sends one byte of data to the comport. Usually, you call 'WriteString "ATZ"' to initialize a modem. You can also use the following commands to accomplish this: obj.WriteByte 97 obj.WriteByte 116 obj.WriteByte 122 obj.WriteByte 13 ' 13 means: vbCr, the carriage character
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Q3800020: In the documentation it says that it supports simultaneous writes to multiple com ports, but I cannot find this in any example?
Basically this is how it works (illustrated by a VBScript sample): Set o1 = CreateObject( "AxSerial.Comport" ) Set o2 = CreateObject( "AxSerial.Comport" ) o1.Device = "COM1" o1.DeviceSpeed = 19200 o1.Open o2.Device = "COM2" o2.DeviceSpeed = 19200 o2.Open
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Q3800010: Is ActiveXperts Serial Port Component thread-safe?
Yes, ActiveXperts Serial Port Component is 100% thread-safe. It can be used by multiple applications simultaneously, and each individual application can have multiple simultaneous threads using ActiveXperts Serial Port Component. This doesn't mean that COM ports can be shared by different threads; usually this is not possible.
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