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Q3000015: Can ActiveXperts Serial Port Component be installed manually?
Yes it can. To install the ActiveXperts Serial Port Component DLL on another machine, simply copy either the AxSerial64.dll (for 64-bit applications) or AxSerial32.dll (for 32-bit applications) to the target machine and issue the REGSVR32 registration command on that machine. To register the 64-bit component, issue the following command: REGSVR32 AxSerial64.dll To register the 32-bit component, issue the following command: REGSVR32 AxSerial32.dll Please note that on 64-bit syst...
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Q3000020: How can I uninstall ActiveXperts Serial Port Component?
You can simple uninstall the software by using the 'Add/Remove' applet in the control panel. It will delete all files, except two: AxSerial64.dll and AxSerial32.dll. This article explains how to uninstall these files manually. The core of ActiveXperts Serial PortComponent is two DLL's: AxSerial64.dll (to be used by 64-bit applications) and AxSerial32.dll (to be used by 32-bit applications). These DLL's are shared components, which means that they might be required by other software vendors. There...
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Q3700003: How do I know what's new in the latest version of ActiveXperts Serial Port Component?
For a list of new features and fixes, see ActiveXperts Serial Port Component Release Notes.
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Q3000010: When I run Setup, I get the following error message: "Error installing iKernel.exe (0xa00)". What's wrong?
Most probably, you don't have administrative privileges on the machine where you install the product. You must have local administrator rights to install ActiveXperts Serial Port Component on the computer.
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Q3000025: I manually registered the ActiveXperts Serial Port Component DLL file on another machine, and now I want to unregister. How can I do this?
To uninstall the 64-bit component, issue the following command from the command prompt: REGSVR32 -u <path>\AxSerial64.dll To uninstall the 32-bit component, issue the following command from the command prompt: REGSVR32 -u <path>\AxSerial32.dll
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Q3000030: Does the ActiveXperts Serial Port Component installation overwrite existing Operating System files?
No, it only installs two ActiveX component files: one 32-bit DLL (AxSerial32.dll) and one 64-bit DLL (AxSerial64.dll) that both make use of the Operating System.
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Q3000012: When trying to register your component DLL from the command line, REGSVR32.EXE returns the following error: 0x80070005
This is not a problem of the ActiveXperts component, but is related to the security settings of your Windows computer. Please try the following: To start the command prompt, start it from the start menu by locating the "Command Prompt" in the start menu. Then, right-click on this item and select "Run as Administrator". Then, issue the following command from the command prompt: REGSVR32.EXE AxSerial64.dll or REGSVR32.EXE AxSerial32.dll You can also try to turn off UAC (U...
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Q3000035: Where can I find the ActiveXperts Serial Port Component Release Notes?
You can view the ActiveXperts Serial Port Component Release Notes by using the following URL:
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Q3000016: On 64-bit Operating Systems, can I also register the 32-bit component for my 32-bit applications?
Yes, on 64-bit systems, you can register both the 64-bit component (for 64-bit applications) and the 32-bit component (for 32-bit applications). You can use the same REGSVR32.EXE command for that: REGSVR32 AxSerial64.dll REGSVR32 AxSerial32.dll
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Q3000017: I want to re-install ActiveXperts Serial Port Component. I uninstalled first, but now the installation tells me that I cannot install it in the same destination directory as before. Am I doing something wrong?
You are right: you cannot install the product in an existing directory. At uninstall, the original directory (default: C:\Program Files\ActiveXperts\Serial Port Component\) is NOT deleted in case there are files created/modified after the previous installation. You must delete these files/directories manually. Once the directory (C:\Program Files\ActiveXperts\Serial Port Component\) is deleted, you can re-install it in that directory.
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