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Restart a service

When a check fails, you have the option to restart one or more services. To restart a service, you should either enter its internal service name, or its long service displayname (as it appears in the Windows' services applet). For instance, to restart the Windows Time service, you can either provide w32time (short name) or Windows Time (long displayname) in the Actions tab of the Rule-properties.

You can even restart multiple services. To do so, separate each service by a ';' character. For instance, to restart the alerter service and the messenger, enter this string in the 'Restart service(s) after failure' box: alerter;messenger

If the Network Monitor service has no administrative priviledges on the server where the services must be restarted, you can provide the administrative credentials. You must provide an account that has administrative priviledges on the remote server Administrative priviledges are required to restart a service on a server.