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How to run a Remote Command check using ActiveXperts Network Monitor

ActiveXperts Network Monitor supports the execution of a command on a remote server, and base the result on the outcome of standard output.

The check is executed by installing a service on the remote monitored server. This service is called 'ActiveXperts Remote Command Service' (AxRemCmd). After installation, the service is started and is ready for a request from the Network Monitor service. After the command has been executed, the service is uninstalled by the Network Monitor service.

ActiveXperts Network Monitor requires the output (i.e. StdOut) to be formatted according to the following syntax:

[ SUCCESS | ERROR | UNCERTAIN]: { <explanation> } { DATA:<value>}

The <explanation> will be shown in the 'Last Response' column in the Manager application. The <value> field will be shown in the 'Data' column in the Manager application. Samples:

ERROR: Free Disk space is less than 40 GB DATA:34

SUCCESS: Daemon 'LPD' is running