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Q1200040: Is possible to define specific and generic traps using Network Component SnmpTrapManager Object?

Yes this is possible. In SNMP V1, there is an extra field in the SNMP PDU, in SNMP V2, the generic trap is represented by an OID. You only have to set the 'GenericTrap' property of the SnmpTrap object as demonstrated in the code snippet below:

Option Explicit

' Declare objects
Dim objSnmpTrapManager, objSnmpTrap, objSnmpConstants, objSnmpObject

' Create object
Set objSnmpTrapManager = CreateObject ( "ActiveXperts.SnmpTrapManager" )
Set objSnmpTrap        = CreateObject ( "ActiveXperts.SnmpTrap" )
Set objSnmpObject      = CreateObject ( "ActiveXperts.SnmpObject" )
Set objSnmpConstants   = CreateObject ( "ActiveXperts.ASConstants" )

' Start manager
objSnmpTrapManager.ProtocolVersion = objSnmpConstants.asSNMP_VERSION_V2C

' Set trap properties 

objSnmpTrap.Host	      = ""
objSnmpTrap.Community   = "public"
objSnmpTrap.GenericTrap = objSnmpConstants.asSNMP_TRAP_LINKUP

' Send the trap
objSnmpTrapManager.Send objSnmpTrap

' Shutdown the manager
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