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Q1420015: On compiling your C++ Forms demo, I get the following error: "error MSB8041: MFC libraries are required for this project. Install them from the Visual Studio installer (Individual Components tab) for any toolsets and architectures being used.". What's wrong?
This means, that you have not included the MFC libraries in your Visual Studio installation. Solution: Insert the Visual Studio installation media Launch the 'Visual Studio Installer' Click on the 'Modify' button Select the 'Individual Components' tab C++ MFC for latest build vXYZ tools (x86 & x64) After that, rebuild the C++ MFC Forms project
Network Component > Visual C++

Q1420020: Can I use Visual Studio Express Edition to build the Visual C++ samples?
Yes, you can, but you can only compile the Console Applications. The Forms applications make use of the Microsoft MFC framework, which is not supported by Microsoft Visual Studio Express.
Network Component > Visual C++

Q1420030: I want to create a new Visual C++ project. Which files do I need to include in my project to make use of ActiveXperts Network Port Component?
In all C++ files that make use of an ActiveXperts Network Component object, you must include 'AxNetwork.h' and 'AxNetworkConstants.h'. Also add 'AxNetwork_i.c' to the project, so it will be compiled and linked.
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Q1420010: Which Visual Studio version is required to compile the Visual C++ samples?
You need Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or higher. All sample projects are created in Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio 2019. If you use a newer version of Visual Studio, then Visual Studio will prompt you to convert the project file. If you use an older version of Visual Studio, you must recreate the sample projects yourself and add the source files. In all C++ files that make use of an ActiveXperts Network Component object, you must include 'AxNetwork.h' and 'AxNetworkConstants.h'. Also ...
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