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Q1220010: I can't receive SNMP traps on the machine where Network Component is installed. I'm sure I have configured the remote trap sender well. What can be the reason?
The following Windows service should NOT run: 'SNMP Trap Service'. This service is available on any Windows installation, as an additional feature. There can only be one process at a time receiving SNMP traps on a particular UDP port.
Network Component > SNMP and SNMP Traps

Q1200030: I want to test Network Component's SNMP features, but I don't want to use our internal Cisco switches for that. Is there any simulation software available for testing?
ActiveXperts doesn't deliver simulation software. However, there are some good SNMP simulation software products available. A recommended product is AdventNet Simulation Toolkit. For details, click here.
Network Component > SNMP and SNMP Traps

Q1200040: Is possible to define specific and generic traps using Network Component SnmpTrapManager Object?
Yes this is possible. In SNMP V1, there is an extra field in the SNMP PDU, in SNMP V2, the generic trap is represented by an OID. You only have to set the 'GenericTrap' property of the SnmpTrap object as demonstrated in the code snippet below: Option Explicit ' Declare objects Dim objSnmpTrapManager, objSnmpTrap, objSnmpConstants, objSnmpObject ' Create object Set objSnmpTrapManager = CreateObject ( "ActiveXperts.SnmpTrapManager" ) Set objSnmpTrap = CreateObject ( "ActiveXperts.Snm...
Network Component > SNMP and SNMP Traps

Q1220030: I want to change the displayname and description of the ActiveXperts SNMP Trap Service. Is this possible ?
Yes, it can be done. You only have to modify two registry entries. Start the registry editor and look for the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ASTrpSvc In this key, you can change the value of the Description and DisplayName. Do not change any of the other values. After modifying this values you have to restart your PC.
Network Component > SNMP and SNMP Traps

Q1200010: Is the Windows SNMP Service required to perform SNMP Get/GetNext/Set operations using your component?
No, there are no Windows SNMP Services required for the ActiveXperts Network Component SNMP operations. ActiveXperts does not rely on the SNMP Services of Windows. If you need the Windows SNMP Service for other applications, ActiveXperts will still be able to perform its SNMP Get/GetNext/Set operations.
Network Component > SNMP and SNMP Traps

Q1200035: Is the Windows SNMP Trap Service required to send and/or receive SNMP Traps with your Network Component?
No, there is no Windows SNMP Traps Servics required for the ActiveXperts Network Component SNMP Trap operations. If you have the Windows SNMP Traps Service running, Network Component will NOT be able to receive incoming SNMP Traps. Network Component will still be able to send out SNMP Traps. To listen, Network Component opens an UDP socket (default port 162) to listen for incoming traps; only one process at a time can listen for packets on such port. For that reason, the Windows SNMP Trap Servi...
Network Component > SNMP and SNMP Traps

Q1220015: When I try to start listening for incoming traps, I get an error on the StartListening method: "Failed to listen for incoming SNMP traps. Either the port is in use, or the Windows SNMP trap service is started". I'm pretty sure that no other SNMP process is running.
Please double check on your system, to make sure no other SNMP receiver is running. By default SNMP receiver listen on port 162. To do so, start a new command prompt, and type 'netstat -a -p udp'. In the resulting list, make sure that port 162 is not listed.
Network Component > SNMP and SNMP Traps

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