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Q1100035: We are using the component within HTML/Javascript code. The browser is Internet Explorer. Each time the ActiveX control is loaded by the browser, a security warning is displayed. Have you any suggestion to remove this message?
There are basically two ways to avoid prompting: Add the website that hosts the ActiveX component to the trusted sites of all Internet Explorers. This would need some automatic configuration on your LAN's Internet Explorers, for instance through Group Policy (recommended) or through logon script. This way you only decrease Internet Explorer security for that particular site. Security for all other sites remain the same. This solution only works as long as the ActiveXperts Network Component user...
Network Component > Using ActiveXperts Network Component

Q1100040: How can I receive binary data from a remote client?
You should call ReceiveBytes to get a stream of binary data.
Network Component > Using ActiveXperts Network Component

Q1100020: When I do a Wake Up on LAN, the machine doesn't wake up at all. What's wrong?
Wake up on LAN (WOL) means that you can power on a computer by sending a sequence of packets over the network to that specific NIC card. Three conditions must be met: Wake up on LAN must be supported by the remote computer's BIOS; Somehow, there must be a link between the computer's NIC card and the BIOS. For NIC cards that are not integrated on the motherboard, a separate cable is needed to connect the NIC card to the motherboard; A valid MAC address must be used to send the WOL message to.
Network Component > Using ActiveXperts Network Component

Q1100030: Is Network Component thread-safe?
Yes, Network Component is 100% thread-safe. It can be used by multiple applications simultaneously, and each individual application can have multiple simultaneous threads using Network Component. This applies to all Network Component object, i.e. the Icmp object, the Http object, the Ssh object, etc..
Network Component > Using ActiveXperts Network Component

Q1100025: I'm implementing a client server application. Is it possible to transmit binary data?
Yes. You should use the SendBytes method to transmit the bytes to the remote party.
Network Component > Using ActiveXperts Network Component

Q1100010: Can I use Visual C++ to include ActiveXperts Network Component?
Yes you can. There's a project included in the sample directory. You need Visual Studio 2008 or higher. Make sure you include 'AxNetwork.h' in all source files where you use the component, and add 'AxNetwork_i.c' to your project so it will be compiled and linked with your project.
Network Component > Using ActiveXperts Network Component

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