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Monitor Certificates

Monitor Certificates
    Figure 1: ActiveXperts Network Monitor Certificate Check

ActiveXperts solution to monitor Certificates

ActiveXperts Network Monitor can check Windows Certificates managed by the Windows Certificates Services Role. It monitors the validity (in days) of the certificate(s). Only Windows Certificates can be monitored.

A Certificate check requires the following parameters:

  • Server - The Windows Server running Certificates Services;
  • Domain - The domain that has the Windows Server is member of;
  • Certificate Services Server - The Certificate Services Server string, by default formatted as <server>\<netbios-domain>-<server>-ca;
  • Check All Certificates / Check ony this Certificate - Specify what to monitor: all certificates on the server, or a particular certificate;
  • The Certificate(s) should be valid for at least - Specify the minimum number of days the certificate(s) should be valid